Sunday, March 30, 2014

College Course in "Miley Cyrus"

How about an easy "A" in college "Twerking 101"..?? It's happening folks!  Scholars registered at Skidmore College in upstate NY, are likely to be twerking for their study credits this summer season . The college has reported it’ will be incorporating “The Sociology of Miley Cyrus : Race , Class , Gender and Media” to its directory of  course studies. Based on the School webpage , the students are going to analyze primary matters of internationalization, considering the interplay among race, class, and also gender, along with a take on feminist analysis of mass media and sociology of media in regards to the Miley “problem.” Miley is the newest musical artist to be the focal point of a college or university course , Rutgers University currently provides a course on Beyonce not to mention college students who enroll in Georgetown may take a course on Jay-Z . Meanwhile, we're holding out for a course in Beiber Bottle throwing.

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