Friday, February 28, 2014

Monkey Steals GoPro Camera

These silly GoPro videos keep popping up and going viral. A lot of people are claiming they are fake. There was one recently of a GoPro falling out a of plane and landing in a pig pen. 
This one shows a guy setting his camera up to record his interaction with some monkeys and then a pair of hands grabbing the camera and playing with the it for a bit, even at one point filming himself. Toward the end of the video it appears the monkey is taking the camera out of it's protective casing and you hear some cursing about the camera being in danger.

Girl Scouts BANNED from Selling Cookies Outside Colorado Pot Shops

Stoners love cookies! If you live in Colorado, don't expect to have a box of thin mints readily available for sale outside your local marijuana shop. The Girls Scouts of Colorado have prohibited their members from selling cookies outside the legal pot shops after several young ambitious scout members made a killing by rapidly unloading boxes outside the cannibals establishments. 

The Girl Scouts of Colorado wrote this statement on their Facebook page:
“Girl Scouts of Colorado doesn't allow girls to sell cookies outside of any adult-oriented business, whether that is a bar, strip club, casino, liquor store or marijuana dispensary,”  “We recognize these are legitimate businesses, but we don’t feel they are an appropriate place for girls to be selling cookies in Colorado.”

Oh well.. it was fun while it lasted. The girls that came up with the idea are very smart. They saw a business opportunity and took it.  Talk about supply and demand! That's one smart cookie! I guess it's back to buying outside the Walmart or going door to door for scouts. 

 photoshopped picture from

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Girl gets slapped in the face by a whale

A video has surfaced on the internet of a student on vacation in Mexico getting smacked in the face while on a whale watching tour boat. This gives a whole new meaning to being up and close with nature. The whale comes extremely close to the boat with the tail in clear view of  the passengers. As the tail of the whale goes up above onlookers heads taking everyone on board by surprise. The fish-slapping episode is actually quite hilarious. Fortunately, no passengers or the whale were injured.

6 Ways to Deal With Being Gassy in Public

It happens. You had Chipotle or broccoli... or it could even be from the three bean salad you had for lunch. You are gassy but you REALLY don't feel like chugging down the nasty Pepto or popping the GasX. Perhaps you would use these fart-busting medications if they were readily available, but sometimes a case of the toots sneaks up on you unexpectedly and the next thing you know, you are out about wafting through the entire town.

Here are 6 simple ways of dealing  
with a case of the farts in public:

1 - Keep moving! Move.. move and MOVE! If you are standing in line at the grocery store you will need to wait until you have checked out and once you have gone through the register MOVE YOUR ASS as quickly as you release those bubbles. Nobody will know. If you let it go while you are in line then EVERYONE will know it's you.

2- Hold it in! This is probably the most polite thing to do but it isn't the best thing for your body. This can cause your tummy to hurt. If you are standing, you may be forced to squeeze your buttcheeks, causing you to rotate your pelvic area uncomfortably. People might even notice you doing this. Also - it's not full proof! It could STILL come out.

3 - Denial.. "it wasn't me".. This only works if you are in close proximity with at least 4 other people and in a place where it wouldn't be so obvious.. like in a busy bar or at a party. You can deny deny deny that it was you. You can also pass the blame onto another unsuspecting victim.

4 - Go to the bathroom. "Here I sit broken hearted....Came to sh*t but only farted" It's sad when this happens but even if you don't produce any real turds, you can at least get out as much air as possible before venturing back out into society. It's OK if other people in the bathroom hear you because that's what bathrooms are for!

5 - Ignore it. Pretend you never farted. Pretend it didn't make any noise (even if it did) and pretend it doesn't stink. It's possible that the people around you will follow your lead and not say anything about it. It's also possible that they won't even notice - this is highly unlikely, but there is a small chance they won't.

6 - Last resort.. Fess up, apologize and excuse yourself. "I'm sorry..SO sorry..I'm having some tummy issues".. this is the only option if there is no other way to get out of it. If you are in the car with one other person and the windows are up, pretend you're hot and put your window down ALL THE WAY.. even if it is 4 degrees outside. They might still smell it but at least you tried. But if you are sitting in a room with one other person and there is no reason for getting up, or if you are in a meeting and the air sneaks out.....fessing up is your only option.

Britney Spears - Hold it Against Me Official Music Video PARODY

about having to fart on a date. 


Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Camera Error on BBC News - News Camera Blooper!

This camera goof from BBC News is already viral with the camera slowly panning up and the new anchors head slowly floating down. The camera is actually panning up but with the green screen in the background, it looks like the anchor floats down. . LMAO ...there are also various gifs, memes and vines circulating the web.

Macklemore and Cheese

It's Macklemore and Cheese...

10 Horrifyingly Inappropriate Pictures or Ronald McDonald

Ronald? Is that you? Judging by the internet, many people seem to think that the red-headed clown mascot is a pervert.  
Perhaps these photos are part of the reason why the fast food chain has distanced it's company from the friendly clown.

Look at the cute little Ronald Doll! This doll was very popular in the 80s


This Ronald seems to have taken a page from Pennywise

And you thought Santa Claus was the only character that could make 
small children scream in horror? SMH way!

Ronald may have chugged a few too many beers with his Chicken McNuggets

In case you had any doubts, the curtains do match the drapes

Transgender Ronald has a very nice rack

Clowns and Animals get along a little too well

Being a clown means doing funny things....and what's funnier than a photobomb?

Giving a whole new meaning to the phrase "Happy Meal"

No words.. 

After everything you've just seen, can you blame her?

Monday, February 24, 2014

5 of the Drunkest Text Fails

There are quite a few things you should never do when your drunk - drive, operate heavy machinery,  hook up with your ex, etc. The same can be said for texting. I don't know why people drink and text... What happens when you're drunk needs to stay what happened when you were drunk. So don't do stupid drunk things! Anyways.. here are some of the dumbest drunk texts on the web and various forms of drunkenness.

Drunk Denial Fail:

Drunk Texting or Calling Your Parents

So Drunk You Can't Even Remember WTF Happened:

So Drunk, You Talk About How Drunk You Are in a Text:

Getting so drunk, you throw a hampster:

.....and on that note.. it's a gyrating Beyonce GIF! Enjoy! 

Never Do This!

If you are going this crazy stunt to do it, be ready to get hurt. Also, don't wear a silly hat... wear a flippin' helmet! You could crash into the wall and crack open your head. I put this up on the list of things not to try at home. Save this kind of stuff for the theme parks.. you know.. those places where you go and are somewhat safe to ride on?
But this does make for a pretty funny fail gif. Never a shortage of those! 

Friday, February 21, 2014

Treadmill Fail

Woman Jailed For Late VHS Rental - WTF

Funny Door Mat

Baby Picture Meme LMAO

Awkward Meme

Snappy Comeback Insult Meme

"I'm sorry I hurt your feelings when I called you stupid.. I really thought you already knew" 

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Funny Bathroom Sign

Moonwalk Fail

Funny Comeback to Insult

Somebody insult you? Don't take that crap! This is a great comeback. 
I would insult you back but Mother Natures has already done such a fine job, I just couldn't compete.

Funny Animal Meme

Have a seat... we need to talk LMAO

Lame Pick Up Txt

Get Your Twerk On LMAO

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Marty Mcfly

That moment.. when you realize you've gone back in time and changed your parents lives from fail to win
Back to the Future is possibly the best movie ever made. 

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Crazy Cat Gif

Never a shortage of crazy cat gifs.. never ever ever. They will live in cyberspace for eternity. 

Baby No Bubblebath!

Funny 404 Meme

Celebrities Read Mean Tweets

On Jimmy Kimmel Live, several celebrities read mean tweets to them posted by haters and troll on twitter. This hilarious segment features George Clooney, Jon Hamm, Jennifer Garner, John Goodman, Bob Balaban, Sarah Silverman, Tom Hanks, Joseph Gordon Levitt, Benadict Cumberbatch, Rob Lowe, Cate Blanchett, Tim Robbins, Bill Murray, Matt Damon ....

Camera falls from airplane and lands in pig pen..WTF

Apparently this GoPro camera fell out of a plane when it was dropped by a skydiver and it landed in the backyard of a farm with pigs. Not sure how the camera survived but it's kind of funny to see the pig try to eat it.