Wednesday, March 19, 2014

30 Most Annoying Phrases and Terms Ever Used

Here are the top 30 most annoying terms, words, metaphors and phrases ever:

1 - "No offense, but...."
You know if someone says that before they say what they're gonna say.. it's probably going to be offensive. 

2- "My bad"
My mistake is what you really mean..or I screwed up. 

3- "It is what it is"
And what is that? 

4-"Needless to say"
If it's needless to say then why are you saying it? Is needless a word?

5- "Don't go there"
Oh I'm sorry. Is this topic of discussion off limits? 

6- "Anywho"
Anywho? Who is any? You're just trying to move along the discussion.

7-"Worst case scenario" 
Thanks for letting me know what is probably going to happen.  It's never good.

8- "I'm not a fan"
Not a fan? Oh how polite of you. Just say you don't like something

9- "Yolo"
I will kill you and you only die once too. 

10- "To be honest"
Great. Thanks for making me question the sincerity behind everything else you might say!

11- "Tell us how you really feel" 
Since that was how I really felt, I will now tell you a lie. Oh how lovely condescending comments really help forward a discussion.  

12- "Just sayin'"
Ohh...I thought you were singing. 

13- "Seriously?"
No. Just make me repeat it for no reason.

14- "I'm in your camp"
Great. Let's make some s'mores and go snipe hunting.

15 -"I hate to say it, but I told you so"
Shut up. You love to say I told you so because you were right, and I was wrong.

16- "Don't take this the wrong way"
This immediately makes me go on the defense. 

17- "Literally!"
This word is literally Overused..and literally annoying as hell.

18- "Sorry not sorry"
If you're not sorry then don't say sorry. BTW I'm not sorry either. 

19 -"Boys will be boys"
 But I expected them to be unicorns

20 -"Why you hatin?"
I'm not hatin', I just don't like that person

21- "To be fair"
You're just trying to make excuses for someone or justify a situation.

22- "Whatever"
This timeless blow-off will probably never grow old or go out of style.. whatever

23- "Just to play devils advocate" 
Shut up...You just want to argue. 

24- "Here's the thing"
I smell a big "but' coming on

25 -"The ball is in your court"
In that case I will keep in or throw it for my dog to fetch. 

26 - "Are we on the same page?"
I didn't realize we characters in a book

27 - "You're barking up the wrong tree"
Now you just compared me to a dog. Thanks! 

28 -"Why don't you grow a pair?"
If you're talking about testicles, and you're talking to a woman then you have a problem. If you're talking to a man, you just insulted his sack. 

29 - "That's just the way the cookie crumbles"
If a cookie were to crumble, I would hope it would be in your mouth

30 - "Get a life"
As in living? If I'm alive and talking to you, then clearly I'm not dead. 

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