Friday, February 28, 2014

Girl Scouts BANNED from Selling Cookies Outside Colorado Pot Shops

Stoners love cookies! If you live in Colorado, don't expect to have a box of thin mints readily available for sale outside your local marijuana shop. The Girls Scouts of Colorado have prohibited their members from selling cookies outside the legal pot shops after several young ambitious scout members made a killing by rapidly unloading boxes outside the cannibals establishments. 

The Girl Scouts of Colorado wrote this statement on their Facebook page:
“Girl Scouts of Colorado doesn't allow girls to sell cookies outside of any adult-oriented business, whether that is a bar, strip club, casino, liquor store or marijuana dispensary,”  “We recognize these are legitimate businesses, but we don’t feel they are an appropriate place for girls to be selling cookies in Colorado.”

Oh well.. it was fun while it lasted. The girls that came up with the idea are very smart. They saw a business opportunity and took it.  Talk about supply and demand! That's one smart cookie! I guess it's back to buying outside the Walmart or going door to door for scouts. 

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