Monday, February 24, 2014

5 of the Drunkest Text Fails

There are quite a few things you should never do when your drunk - drive, operate heavy machinery,  hook up with your ex, etc. The same can be said for texting. I don't know why people drink and text... What happens when you're drunk needs to stay what happened when you were drunk. So don't do stupid drunk things! Anyways.. here are some of the dumbest drunk texts on the web and various forms of drunkenness.

Drunk Denial Fail:

Drunk Texting or Calling Your Parents

So Drunk You Can't Even Remember WTF Happened:

So Drunk, You Talk About How Drunk You Are in a Text:

Getting so drunk, you throw a hampster:

.....and on that note.. it's a gyrating Beyonce GIF! Enjoy! 

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