Saturday, January 25, 2014

Justin Bieber Arrest Memes

The media and social networks had a freakin field day this week making fun of Justin Bieber's DUI arrest. Here are some of the funniest memes, reactions and gifs being shared and circulated on the web. 

For some reason, everyone is putting Biebers face next to Miley Cyrus. I'm not sure why because last time I checked, Miley wasn't getting arrested, throwing eggs, spitting on fans and vandalizing property but whatever. Here is another one...

It will probably give me nightmares. LMAO 

This one was amusing too....

There were many tweets that went out making jokes including celebrities. Two weeks ago there was some backlash against the CW's cult TV show "Supernatural" in response to a tweet sent out by Jared Padalecki. 

The tweet was said to be a joke posted by
Padalecki after the Biebs LA home was raided by authorities who were investigating the pop star for allegedly throwing eggs at a neighbors property . In the process of the raid, Biebers buddy Lil Za was arrested for having narcotics on the premises.   Regardless, JB fans were not happy with the tweet and called for a boycott on the tv show.  Unfortunately for Beliebers, it didn't work out so well. 

On the day of Bieber's arrest, the Supernatural star posted this hilarious tweet: 


The Biebs has done commercials for proactive and this was pretty funny

 Many people were tweeting this picture saying this was a photo of him being pulled over by police. LOL

Orange is the NEW BIEBS.. 

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